Our mission is to develop the child mentality physically, morally and socially for the future development of the society.


With the original church build in a slum area, Pastor George Thiong'o felt the need to help uplift the educational standards of the needy children loitering in the slum with no education background. He with the assistance of his wife Pastor Mary started Tammy Agape academy actually within the church compound regardless of the size of the piece of land. With about four children as the pioneers, today the academy has grown up to a fully-pledged school with a capacity of over 300 pupils.

History of Tammy Agape Day Care Centre

If we are to write any history that catches the eye within Mukuru Slums (Nairobi) then the history of Tammy Agape Daycare Centre will not go unmentioned even if it is just in the footnotes. If there is any school that has experienced challenges is Tammy Agape Day Care Centre. What started as a day care has grown up into a reputable primary school that every parent would like to recommend. The challenge has been the resource capacity to accommodate more pupils.

It was in 1998 when the founder pastor George Thiong’o saw a need of helping the children from the disadvantaged background who could not afford to secure places in schools in the neighborhood. This was because majority of the children aged around 2-6 years were walking around aimlessly without going to school as their parents/guardians went to neighboring industries to try and make economical ends meet.

Despite not having the resources and capacity to run a school, Pastor George, banked on his wife (Mary Thiong’o) who was a qualified pre-school teacher. Mary Thiong’o was a great asset in the school. She has been the brain behind the planning and the strategy execution of the school.

The school has been a refuge to mostly upright parents and a hub to upcoming God fearing, visionary and morally upright leaders of tomorrow. The school being located in the church compound, it helps in boosting the children’s knowledge on the body of Christ (the church) as well as instilling in them the fear of God. The children are brought up with discipline and Christian principles since their teachers are born again Christians.

When the school began the pupils were using benches as chairs as well as tables because the pastor could not afford to buy desks as he was struggling financially. Even though the pastor and his wife were in a marriage that was less than a year old and with financial difficulties, they worked in unisom to make the school what it is today.

The school began with a few pupils whose parents were mostly members of the church and slum dwellers with irregular and insufficient income. It was also a major challenge for the parents to pay fees and this made it hard for the pastor to pay his teachers in time if not on time. This led to a high influx turnover.

It was a challenge to teach some of the kids who came to class without having had breakfast and who at times had slept hungry the previous night as the parents due to poverty didnt afford to buy food for supper. More so, most parents were unable to buy stationery for their children.

It was tough for teacher Mary who could not afford her lunch, but she pursued on knowing that better things were coming. It was by God’s grace that the number of pupils started increasing gradually on a daily basis. As the number of children grew, pastor had to look for teachers who were willing to work as volunteers. The students were paying a monthly fee of 200 Kenya shillings but it was not enough to pay teachers and buy basic essentials like stationery to run the school.

agape academy pupils

School Challenges

Tammy Agape Academy is faced with several economic challenges

This includes lack of classrooms, lack of toilets, no staffroom where the teachers can sit and prepare there lessons and last but not least, lack of a feeder road to connect the school and the environment outside the slum area.

Tammy agape lacks enough qualified teachers due to unavailability of funds to hire trained teachers, qualified cleaners and cook.

The school lacks enough text books hence you will find like ten pupils sharing one text book. We also lack modern learning materials like computers and laptops.

The school doesn’t have a clear feeding programme. Food may be available maybe twice per week.

With the surrounding environment mainly being slums whereby most of the inhabitants are low income earners, the school needs to hire at least two watchmen to keep watch at night.

The relationship between the school, parents and the surrounding community is very cordial.